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Snow dogs

posted 21 Aug 2011, 21:29 by Carole McNie
It's been a long time since I have updated my website but then again, nothing out of the ordinary has been happening really so nothing to report on. However, last week, mid August, we had an event worth noting - it snowed in Wellington - in fact it snowed just about everywhere in the country. This is most unusual and although I have seen a few flakes fall on rare occasions when I have been here I haven't really seen it settle like it did last week. And to cap it all off we had a couple of power cuts too and our heat pump didn't seem to like the extreme cold and so we were left heaterless for a couple of days.

The dogs had three cosy nights sleeping with us in the bedroom with the radiator on. Surprisingly our four large dogs were very quiet all night long and didn't wake us with their dreams or snoring. They also had a couple of days cooped up in the office with me as the rest of the house was so cold, (7.5 degrees brrr) so the radiator, dogs and I all hibernated in the office while I was working. They actually seemed quite happy so long as they got their walks each day.

On the Monday I took them for a walk in the snow to the top of the hills here - Sugarloaf Rock - to get a view of the Hutt Valley. Below are some photos from the walk.

The snow laid on the dogs as we were walking (left). Shadow on the path to Sugarloaf (right).

Nearing the top of Sugarloaf now (left). View from the top looking down (right).

Sitting at the top of Sugarloaf doing our own thing (left). Eating dinner in the snow (right).

Tuesday it decided to snow even harder and quite a bit fell over an hour or two. Below are some photos of our garden in the snow and also a video of Sherry and Shadow playing on the deck in the snow.

Our front garden (left). Part of our back garden (right).
Our neighbour's tree (left). View from our deck to the bush (right).

YouTube Video