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Kula's Litter 2006


On 21 February 2006, Kula (pictured left top) had a litter of 7 beautiful puppies, 5 boys and 2 girls.
The father of these puppies is Jordan (NZ CH Santamaria The Patriot) (pictured left bottom).

Kula 8 weeks pregnant (like a beached whale!).

                                Our first ever puppy born!

We had a lot of fun with these puppies and of course kept the lovely Shadow.
The puppies all had wonderful homes to go to and are still currently enjoying their life to the full.

Below are a few photos of the puppies for your enjoyment.

Kula wonders what is moving under the blanket!

Pileup of puppies!

Puppies feeding.

Asleep under the barbecue.

All on Jeff!

Let's try out the pool.

1st birthday - all except the second female here.