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CH Golden Light at Salhouse CDX (Sherry)

Sire: CH Sandlewood Gamble-with-Gold
Dam: CH Salhouse Sunchaser
Whelped: 7 April 2010
Hips: 8:8 Elbows: 1(a):B  Eyes: Clear 27/5/2014

Sherry is the newest addition to our furry family. She is a very sweet puppy who was chosen for her friendly nature, waggy tail and, hopefully, suitability to be a show dog. She has good bone structure at this stage. She has upset the rest of the dogs in our family temporarily, but that will settle down once she has grown up a bit and especially when she loses her needle-like baby teeth and grows some proper teeth. She is quick to learn and at 10 weeks of age can sit, down, wait, stand, come to command. However, she can't let go of her mother's leg when called so there's still some training to do there.

Sherry is now 17 weeks old and enjoying life to the full. She has learnt to swim and loves running around on the beach. She is a real retriever as she always brings us something in her mouth when she comes to see us - either a slipper, sock, toy, anything. Yesterday I dropped a birthday card on the floor and she picked it up and gave it to me! Sherry will be going to her first show on 8 August so it will be interesting to see how she gets on there.

Sherry has achieved some successes as Baby Puppy in Breed and in the middle of August at 4 and a half months old, she went to the Auckland Golden Retriever shows and won Baby Puppy in Show at both shows. Critique for one of the shows was: Good size young lady sweetest of heads, good pigment, kind eye, well angulated at front and rear, dead level topline, has good overall balance, moved out well for one so young, shows good promise.

Sherry has now moved on to Puppy class and has had one or two successes at the end of 2010.  In Hastings in early December she won two Puppy of Breeds.  She is developing really nicely. (See 8 month photo below.)

Sherry has also developed her own wonderful personality and one of her most endearing traits is that she always  has something in her mouth when she comes to see you.  If she is rushing up to greet you and doesn't have anything in her mouth she stops dead, and you can see the thought processes - nothing in mouth, must get something to bring as a gift!  So sweet.  She has also taken up putting her nose in everything, although she denies it of course (see photos below).

Sherry has now got a wonderful trick - when I come in from outside the house she immediately runs off to find my slippers and brings them to me one at a time. You can see her thinking when I come in that she has got to find the slippers, without me even telling her. Sometimes when I come in from downstairs she is already waiting at the top of the stairs with one of them - she just can't wait to give them to me.

September 2013 - Sherry has been competing in obedience competitions for about a year and a half and has just won out of Special Beginners. I'm so proud of her. Photo and news on the news page.

March 2014 - Two weeks after her mum, Shadow, became a Champion at Wanganui, we set off for four more shows at Hastings. The weather was lovely, the company was great and the mood seemed good. On Saturday morning we went into the show ring and Sherry got into the line up. She was running really nicely and the judge looked and looked and all of a sudden pointed to Sherry for the challenge! It took a moment to dawn on me... we have finally made another Champion... yeah. What excitement that was. We were on Cloud 9. We had a lovely boozy shout at lunch time to celebrate our success with friends who have supported us throughout the years we have been showing. It was a really nice time and something I won't forget. To top the weekend off, on the Sunday Shadow took the challenge in the morning show and Sherry took another challenge in the afternoon show - so what a great effort that was from both the girls. We didn't get home till after 9pm that day!

May 2014 - Well, what a year this is becoming for Sherry. She entered her first CD for obedience in Wanganui on 3 May 2014 and passed with flying colours gaining her CDX obedience title. We love Wanganui!

February 2015 - Sherry and I finally got it together, and after nearly a year in Novice obedience we won one! We only lost .5 out of 100 and heat 39 other dogs! Go my sweet girl! 

March 2015 - We did it again a couple of weeks later - won another Novice competition and so now Sherry is official a Test A dog having won the two Novice tests to qualify for Test A.

Pedigree of CH Golden Light at Salhouse CDX (Sherry)



Great Grandparents



CH Sandlewood Gamble-with-Gold

Goldfleece Go for Gold at Sandlewood (Imp Aust)

Aust CH Stanroph Shared Assets (Imp UK)

Dobro Free as a Bird

CH Sandlewood Charlies Angel

CH McIlroy Millennium Choir Boy at Sandlewood

CH Sandlewood Cinderella



CH Salhouse Sunchaser

NZ CH Santamaria The Patriot (Imp Aust)

Aust CH Strathraer Nordic Star

Aust CH Santamaria Anna Leise

Sanastasia Sth'n Star Chara

CH Seacove Southern Cross

Sanastasia Treasured Teah CDX

Sherry winning her second Novice test at Kapiti March 2015

Sherry winning her first Novice test at Levin Feb 2015

Cool dude Sherry (left). Put him down Sherry (right).

I didn't put my nose in the paint pot (left) or dig in the garden (right), honest!

Sherry with various items in her mouth - apple (left); slipper (centre); toy (right).

Sherry at 10 months

Sherry at 8 months

Sherry at 6 months

Sherry with her winnings from the Golden Retriever Club Show held in Auckland in August 201o.

Sherry sharing her mum's bed!

Sherry enjoys chasing Kula at the beach (15 weeks).

Jeff and Sherry at the top of Sugarloaf Rock (14 weeks)!

Sherry at the beach at 12 weeks.

Sherry with a toy at 9 weeks old.

Sherry and Shadow cuddle up.

Sherry enjoys a kip in the sun.

Sherry at 12 days old, playing with a ball already!

Sherry at 1 day old